Eddie and Eddie on the air; Prine turns down Bill Murray

My latest radio interview about John Prine: In Spite of Himself is online and ready to stream. I sat down with Eddie Garcia, a producer for WFDD, the NPR affiliate at Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, N.C., to talk about Prine’s life and music and the process of writing the book. (Garcia is a fine musician in his own right – he plays in a rock band called 1970s Film Stock, and he previously played in a duo called Jews and Catholics.) Listen to Triad Arts Weekend online or catch a broadcast of the show at 4 p.m. Sunday, Dec. 6.

IA_Very_Murray_Christmas_postern other news, Prine had to decline an invitation to perform in Bill Murray’s highly anticipated new holiday special on Netflix on Demand, “A Very Murray Christmas,” according to one of the show’s writers, Mitch Glazer, a music journalist turned screenwriter, and a longtime Murray collaborator. Glazer told the Albany Daily Star they plan to include Prine “if and when we do another one.” “Bill and I saw him in Charleston,” Glazer said. “We wanted him to go but he had hip surgery.”

Murray, like Prine, grew up in the Chicago suburbs. Prine was friends with John Belushi and Dan Aykroyd in their pre-“Saturday Night Live” days with Chicago’s Second City, where Murray also got his start in comedy. Belushi, Prine has said, “used to come around over to the Earl of Old Town when they had breaks at Second City – Belushi’d come across the street. And when we had breaks, we’d go watch Second City. Belushi used to do Marlon Brando singin’ my songs” – including “Angel from Montgomery.”

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